Fairtrade Gold

"I take great pride in displaying the Fairtrade gold stamp on my creations. Fairtrade gold is the purest gold you can buy and means a fairer deal for small scale miners, their communities and the environment & enables miners to improve their livelihoods and basic human rights and assures consumers that the gold jewellery they buy is responsibly & ethically sourced".



Scott Rogers Design is proud to be amongst Australia’s first licensed suppliers of Fairtrade Certified Gold. Fairtrade Certified Gold is a groundbreaking new initiative that guarantees that gold has been mined and sold according to Fairtrade standards that create fair opportunities for disadvantaged miners and their communities & insures the protection of the environment from the use of destructive and hazardous chemicals like Mercury & Cyanide.

There are 15 million artisanal and small-scale gold miners (ASM) with another 100 million people worldwide who depend on ASM for their and their community’s livelihoods. They extract between 10-15% of the global gold supply, however make up 90% of the labour force in gold.

Small-scale miners are characterized by high levels of poverty & exploitation, due to unfair terms of trade with traders, with little or no protection for miners and their basic human rights. Fairtrade gold helps miners and there communities work their way out of poverty.

Fairtrade gold miners comply with health and safety standards, no child labour or forced labour policies, women rights, environmental protection and all Fairtrade Certified Metals are “Conflict” free. Jewellery stamped with the Fairtrade Stamp ensures your metal was responsible sourced & can be traced from the mine to you.

Scott is passionate & committed to Fairtrade and uses gold from the Sotrami mine in Peru, which is one of a handful of mines in the world to be Fairtrade accredited.

The Sotrami Mining Community is a great example of the Fairtrade success in remote artisanal mining communities. Since the global launch of Fairtrade gold in 2011, this community in the desolate & remote part of the Andes Mountains has been able to build a 140-student primary school and equip its senior students with computers.





Here is a video that explains Fairtrade Gold by the Fairtrade Foundation. http://www.fairgold.org     PDF: Fairtrade Consumer Leaflet